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Assessment Questionnaire
Type of service interested in:
PART 1 - Principle Applicant – Personal Information
Surname (Family Name):
Given Name:
Current Address:
Phone Number: (area code):
Cell Phone:
Business Phone:
Email Address:
How long resident in this country?  
List other Countries Where You Have Resided for 6 months or more.
Marital Status?
Have you previously been Married or in a Common-Law Relationship?
Where do you intend to live in Canada if accepted?:
Education Info
Give the number of years of school you successfully completed for the following?  
Elementary/Primary School:
Secondary/High School:
Trade School/Other:
List all Certificate/Diploma/Degree Received:
Applicant – Language Information
Which is your first official language?
Which is your second official language?
What is your proficiency in english?
What is your proficiency in French?
PART 2 – Information about Spouse / Common-Law Partner
Surname (Family Name):
Given Name:
What is your partner's gender?
Is this address the same as the Principle Applicant?
If the answer is no, please explain.
List other countries where you have resided for 6 months or more:
Spouse – Language Information
Which is your spouse's first official language?
Which is your spouse's second official language?
What is your spouse's proficiency in english?
What is your spouse’s proficiency in French?
PART 3 – Details of Family Members
List all family members here including your children, your spouse/partner’s children even if they will not be accompanying you.
PART 4 – Additional Information from Applicant and Spouse/Partner
Do you have an Application for Permanent Residence being processed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada?:
Do you have a job offer from a prospective Canadian Employer?
If yes, provide details as to the employer, occupation etc.
Do you have a HRDC confirmed offer of employment in Canada?
Do you have any relatives that are Canadians or Permanent Residents?
If yes, provide the following details:
Name, Relationship, Address, Phone/Email and Status
Other Questions
Have you or your spouse/partner or any of your dependents ever:  
Had any serious disease or physical or mental disorder?
Been convicted of or currently charged with any crime or offence in any country?
Applied previously for a temporary work visa in Canada?
Been refused a Canadian immigrant visa or temporary permit or that of any other country in the past?
Been refused admission to, or ordered to leave Canada or any other country?
Been involved in the commission of a war crime or a crime against humanity?
Applied for refugee status in any country?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please provide details.