Services Provided by Integriti

Advice on Immigration Matters
Does it seem that everyone has a different answer to questions you ask them regarding immigration? Please come and see us if you are confused and tired of going from place to place seeking answers. We will endeavour to provide you with honest and professional answers to your inquiries.

Review of completed Applications
If you have completed an application form that is ready to be submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) please contact us to review your application to make sure all areas are correctly filled out and the supporting documents are in good order.

The waiting times can be very long for immigration programs at CIC, if submitted applications are not filled out properly they will be returned to the applicant. This can add months to the processing of your request.

Step by Step Assistance with Completing and Submitting Immigration Forms
Completing forms for Immigration purposes can be stressful, complicated and time consuming. We offer step by step assistance with the completion of Applications for:
  1. Sponsorship of Spouses/Common-Law Partners
  2. Family Class Sponsorship from outside Canada
  3. All applications for Permanent Residence from within Canada
  4. All applications for a Study Permit within or outside Canada
  5. All applications for a Work Permit within or outside Canada

Humanitarian & Compassionate Applications
We offer honest and professional assistance with the preparation of applications for all Humanitarian & Compassionate cases. These cases are very individual in nature, so they require individual attention. We will guide you through this complicated process.

Representation before the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB)
We will provide representation to assist you with cases being presented before the IRB for the following cases:

  • Detention Hearings
    If you are detained for immigration purposes by the Canadian Border Services Agency please call us immediately.
  • Refugee Protection Hearings
    Please call us if your Refugee Protection Claim has been decided that it is eligible to be heard by the Refugee Protection Division of the IRB
  • Admissibility Hearings
    Please call us if you have been ordered to appear before the Immigration Division for an admissibility hearing to determine if a person may enter or remain in Canada.
  • Immigration Appeals
    Appeals can be made to the IRB in the following instances:

    1. Appeals of family class sponsorship applications such as spouses refused by CIC;
    2. Appeals of removal orders made against permanent residents, Convention refugees and other protected persons, and holders of permanent resident visas;
    3. appeals by permanent residents who have been found by a visa officer outside of Canada not to have fulfilled their residency obligation

Assistance with Applications Abroad
We offer assistance with Applications from those who desire to immigrate to Canada in one of the following categories:

Business Class – Investor, Entrepreneur, Self-Employed
Provincial Nominee
Skilled Worker